Thoughts on the Texas-Memphis Game At the Half

I hate matchups like this. Memphis is huge -- tall, burly guys whose sheer size has kept Texas in the cold. For six straight plays Texas drove for the basket, couldn't get off the ground, and turned the ball over to Memphis for six unanswered baskets.

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

A smaller team like Texas ought to focus on quickness and outside shooting to take down these behemoths, but they haven't shown a lot of speed or passing skill in the first half. One of the CBS commentators analyzed the problem in the first few plays, and marveled that they weren't driving in (potentially drawing a foul -- inevitable when driving against a big team -- in the process) and then kicking the ball out for a long two or a three-pointer. They were getting annihilated! But just a few fake drives and long shots, and they're back from their 11-point deficit.

They've got 20 minutes to redeem themselves.

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