The Best Sermon I've Ever Heard Driscoll Preach

Some of you might know about the latest sermon series at Mars Hill Church, nine sermons in response to the top nine questions on Mark's "Ask Anything" website. Timmy Brister, who is a blog acquaintance, asked a question about the Regulative Principle of Worship, and, through his constant efforts at defending the importance of the question, it rose to number one at the last minute! This week was the last sermon in the series, and so addressed the number one question.

I watched two of the other sermons, and found them to be outstanding (especially the dating one, which I would seriously like my pastor to require for every single man at Sojourn), but this one was exceptional, not just because of the content of the sermon (though that was great!). The last fifteen minutes, I think, are a turning point in Mark's ministry. This past week, during the Acts 29 pastor's conference, both John Piper and C.J. Mahaney sat down with Driscoll, separately, and gave him encouragement and rebuke about some issues with his ministry and his character. Driscoll repented and asked for forgiveness from the pulpit for some of those very issues.

I strongly encourage you to check it out here, and then let me know what you thought.


leesa said...

i was gonna listen to it anyway...but now i'm SRSLY SO STOKED to listen to it. thank you, girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,

Agree. I was really pleased Pastor Mark mentioned some of the quiet words that CJ, Dr Piper etc have been having with him. There have been many in seeking to "counsel" Mark over their perceived views of his sin/issues via their blogs (Challies, Camp etc) but this is such in inappropriate medium for that.

Pastor Mark is a godly man who's impact for Jesus will only grow as he takes counsel from these older men in the faith.

Laura said...

Leesa - Listen, listen!! You'll love it.

C.O.A.H.S.H. - absolutely. Someone on another blog actually criticized him for how he received their rebuke and exhortation! *rolls eyes* If a pastor is humbly confessing his sin before you in the pulpit, and receiving correction with joy, and you still give him a hard time about it, it's time to ask yourself if you're dealing with a personal vendetta.

One of the things that gives me the most hope and excitement about Driscoll's future in ministry is the fact that he's willing to humble himself under the loving critique of godly men. If he were just some blowhard Lone Ranger, I'd write him off completely -- but he's repeatedly shown that that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

Mark's humility and honesty is something that all followers, regardless of whether they are pastors or the pastored, would do well to consider. It's one thing to privately repent in the presence of God, but to bring one's failings to those whom are in your flock is surely something else.

Laura said...

I agree, AK. Thanks for commenting! :)

Jacob said...

I watch both of the sermons, and found them both edifying.
Since first being introduced to the idea of regulative principle in worship, I've always liked the idea of it. I tend to be on the "play it safe" end of the spectrum, so I naturally find it appealing. There is also benefit in keeping things simple. That said, some people who claim to adhere to the regulative principle can to strange things, and Driscoll gave some examples of this, such as those who only sing Psalms and the inconsistencies that come out of that. Still, the danger of obscuring the Gospel with the normative principle is great, so while I grant that there are some merits to it, I am still wary of it.