The Cutest Kids Ever!

Ok, people, here are some more adorable shots of the adorable kids that I nanny for. I took them today and some of them turned out really well! Awww...
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Recent Pictures -- Something Else To Keep You Occupied

This post serves 3 purposes, which I will outline as follows:

1. To placate Lindsay, who thinks my challenge has been forgotten, and that the kids she nannies are cuter than the kids I nanny (in your face, Lindsay)!
2. To gripe about the general suckiness of the pictures I took at the Nickel Creek concert. Stupid long exposure required to take pictures in the dark but with bright lights on stage grr grr grr... Not even one decent shot all night.
3. To have something to post since I may finally have real time to sit down and write something meaningful sometime around mid-December.

So here. First a couple of shots of Will playing air hockey, and then some fuzzy blobs on a stage that bear some resemblance to Nickel Creek.

Now, who can tell that those people are really Nickel Creek? I mean, if you didn't already know, would you say, "Oh sure, that's Sara Watkins on the left fiddling her little heart out, and the band's Incredible Virtuoso Amazing Clogging Bassist, and Chris Thile in the middle wailin' on the mandolin, and Sean Watkins on the right, virtually obscured by that guy's huge head but still recognizable"? Would this count in a court of law as an alibi?



A Little Something to Keep You Folks Occupied

This may be the least-prayer-related blog post I've ever done, but with the end of classes still two weeks away, I'm struggling to keep my head above water... so a random post seemed like a good idea. Here goes:

Today I was sitting in New Testament waiting for class to start, when I see that Dr. Plummer has brought a CD player to class. He sits it on the podium and explains that today, we will be doing some activities to help keep us awake since it's so close to the end of classes. He hands out a photocopy of a lyric booklet from a cd. He tells us the story behind what we're about to do. An acquaintance of his was making a Christmas CD and asked Dr. Plummer to do a paraphrase of the first part of John 1 from the Greek, something compelling and free-form. Then they recorded the translation over Alex O'Nan's cool, spacey electronic music, resulting in a pretty awesome little Bible experience, if I do say so myself.

Well, the interesting thing is, before we start listening, Dr. Plummer confesses that he has no idea what kind of music it is. "I don't know. Emo? I've heard of that before. It might be emo..." So that got me going on Emo. Then I looked down at our notes for that day's lecture and my eyes came to rest on the phrase "Universal Redemptive Concepts" (a prominent theme in John's Gospel, for those of you who are interested). What a great name for an Emo band! I thought.

And then I was done. With apologies to Dr. Plummer, I don't know if I heard half of what he said for the rest of the class, because I was too busy looking around the room searching for "found" emo band names.

So here is a challenge: look around you right now and "find" emo band names. You can't just make them up, they have to be inspired by actual objects or words that you see.

My list:

1. Universal Redemptive Concepts
2. Five Shelves
3. Space Heater
4. Commemorative Edition
5. Foil
6. Blue Ink
7. Maybe Mountain

... get the idea? Any actual Emo bands can feel free to use any of these names. I call "Foil" for my new Emo band. Kidding.