My Epic Tassie Weekend, Part the Second

Thousands of unemployed men built the road to the top of Mt. Wellington during the hard financial times of the 1930s:

...so that travelers could drive to the top and see this view:

I was one of those travelers. See?

More panorama:

I'm cold. Or possibly incognito. Can you tell?

Even more panorama. That's Hobart down there. Pretty cool, right?
Seriously, though... God made this beauty so we would worship him. Get to it!

My Epic Tassie Weekend, Part the First

Saturday afternoon, Woodbridge, Tasmania:

Saturday evening, aboard the Peppermint Bay II, Derwent River, Tasmania:
Saturday Evening, aboard the Peppermint Bay II, Somewhere in the ocean near Hobart:
Saturday evening, Mt Wellington and surrounds, from Hobart Harbor:
And I was really there! Here's proof!


Imaginary Thoughts from an Imaginary Land

THIS is Tasmania:

THIS is NOT Tasmania:

When I was telling people that I was going to spend 5 weeks in Tasmania, more than once I got slightly pitying looks, as if people were saying, "Oh, poor thing... she thinks that's a real place. Tsk tsk."

Well, despite how surreally beautiful it is here, what with the breeze and the sun and the apples and the falling leaves and all (it's Autumn...weird), Tasmania's not an imaginary land after all.