In Other News...

I love March Madness.

That's all.


Laura's Dad said...

So, what do you think of Louisville's chances to defeat Tennessee? Dick Vitale has picked U of L, but then he's a pimp for Rick Pitino.


Alex & Laura Beth said...

I hate U of L. I hope they die.

Are we still on for beer and basketball tonight?

Laura's Dad said...

So, go Cardinals! U of L is through to the Elite 8. YAYAYAYAY!

However, sadly, the Hilltoppers didn't make it. What a fine bunch of overachievers. Shows you what hustle and coaching can do.

So, Laura G and Alex and Laura B, what did you think of the games?

Laura's Dad

Laura said...

U of L had a pretty easy win.

Western worked their butts off and only narrowly lost to a team that was bigger, faster, and better under the hoop. I'm just glad that they made UCLA work -- I don't think the Bruins thought they were going to have to hustle that much. Western's got a tough defense with a killer full-court press and a back-court trap that helped them win their game Sunday, but they were just flat outmatched under the bucket and couldn't hit a three to save their lives toward the end. But it was a completely respectable loss.

Go Davidson!! They're playing #3 Wisconsin tomorrow night at 7:10.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Hey Laura's Dad! The best thing about Thursday's games was the presence of your dear daughter at our house.

I was rooting for WKU. My Dad taught me to always go for the underdog, and he went to WKU, played football there, and still holds some football records there, I believe.

Also, being from Oxford, Mississippi (the home of Ole Miss), I always go for the SEC team. So, of course, I was rooting for Tennessee. Also, I knew Alex had put Tennessee in the Final Four on his bracket, so I wanted them to win.

I don't claim that my reasons for disliking U of L are sound. In fact they are quite humorous/irrational. You can ask Laura about that!