Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina. #10 seed in the Midwest Region. Their star player, Stephen Curry, son of former NBA player Dell Curry, has the kind of stats college recruiters break delinquency laws over -- and yet he's playing for some obscure liberal arts school nobody'd heard of until they buried #7 Gonzaga, then #2 Georgetown in their run up to the Sweet Sixteen.

Even my mom, whose bracket is now useful only as a coloring page for my niece, has got to give these guys props. They're a smooth-playing fundamentals team with some flash, courtesy of Curry, whose outside shots are so perfect as to verge on poetic. The kid looks like he had his first shave Sunday afternoon, but with the ball in his hands, the commentators call him a "ruthless assassin." Despite his youth, he's almost unflusterable, and has a good time on the court to boot -- he's incredibly fun to watch.

AP Photo/Chuck Burton
Oh, AND, Davidson's board of trustees did the student body a huge solid, shelling out ticket money, bus fare, and a hotel room for any student who wants to make the trip to Detroit for Friday's game against #3 Wisconsin. Killer.

Root for 'em! They're the best bet for anybody who loves to cheer for the underdog.


Laura's Dad said...

So, if the things at Trinity HS, the Latin School and others should fall through, I think you've got a career as a sports commentator waiting in the wings. ;-)

Pete said...

I'm impressed. You have me supporting a basketball team in a comp I've never watched, from a College I've never heard of.

That is some good writing.

Dave said...

Laura, you are totally now my second favorite sports writer, after Bill Simmons ("The Sports Guy" from ESPN.com and ESPN TheMag). Seeruslee, you could play this whole thing off into a pretty solid career.