Wulgum t'Straya

Is it just me, or does Hugh Jackman's accent in the trailer for Baz Luhrman's new Australia epic sound like a joke accent? It's SO thick. Like Paul Hogan's. Or like Jimbo Mobbs'.

image (c) 20th Century Fox
PLUS the gorgeous Nicole "Botox" Kidman with the most pruny, tight-lipped, finishing-school voice ever put on film.

Baz can count on my 10 bucks for this movie. It looks deliciously melodramatic.


Mikey Lynch said...

Amen! I love his films, they are ridiculous and lushous and clever.

One Salient Oversight said...

Just watched it.

Hugh Jackman's first line in the trailer "Wulgum t'straya" DOES sound pretty bad but whenever he speaks during the rest of the trailer it sounds reasonably authentic.

Great. Just what we need. An Australian version of "Pearl Harbor".

Dave said...

I heard a crazy rumor that this is supposed to be a clever nod to The Wizard of Oz, the first trailer I was for it made it seem very much like that.