My Epic Tassie Weekend, Part the Second

Thousands of unemployed men built the road to the top of Mt. Wellington during the hard financial times of the 1930s:

...so that travelers could drive to the top and see this view:

I was one of those travelers. See?

More panorama:

I'm cold. Or possibly incognito. Can you tell?

Even more panorama. That's Hobart down there. Pretty cool, right?
Seriously, though... God made this beauty so we would worship him. Get to it!


Radagast said...

Glad to see they're taking you to all the compulsory tourist spots.

Now you know how beautiful Tassie is, can you really bear to leave?

Jenn said...

We love and miss you Auntie Laura! We are so happy you are having fun!
Wuv- Jenn, Jacob, the Winn Winn and KEGR!

Christi Lee said...

B. E. A.-utiful! not to be a nag, but could we get some bigger pictures? tiny thumbnails are hare to appreciate. ;-)

Pablo said...

Thanks for coming to visit me while you were in Hobart, Laura! I'm sorry I wasn't more charming and friendly. But I was having a great fur and whisker day, so I know that I must have looked really hot. So that's come consolation for you. Next time, can you bring me a bucket of Colonel Sanders's finest? Cheers.

Dave said...


Must - have - new - *cough* - post.

Dying - *wheeze, hack* - from - lack of - postitude.

Dave (it will help if you read that as though it were Captain Kirk or Comic Book Guy)

Christi Lee said...

Make it so.