Imaginary Thoughts from an Imaginary Land

THIS is Tasmania:

THIS is NOT Tasmania:

When I was telling people that I was going to spend 5 weeks in Tasmania, more than once I got slightly pitying looks, as if people were saying, "Oh, poor thing... she thinks that's a real place. Tsk tsk."

Well, despite how surreally beautiful it is here, what with the breeze and the sun and the apples and the falling leaves and all (it's Autumn...weird), Tasmania's not an imaginary land after all.


Radagast said...

I'm glad you've discovered it. It *is* a wonderful place!

Watch out for possums.

-- Radagast

Laura's Dad said...

And for all you USA friends, here's a webcam of Hobart's bay and one of the lovely bridges. You can see this bay and bridge quite nicely on Google Earth.

Laura's Dad

Radagast said...

For those who can't see the link, it's here: http://www.rosebay.tased.edu.au/camera.htm

Most of the time, Laura will, I suspect, be somewhere on the far side of the river. But you might not be able to see her wave.

Jeremy & Kristin Perrine said...

That is so weird to experience Fall in May!

Jonny said...

Yeah, the earth is round. Weird.

Laura has moved to Hobart. Her accent is a little strange, although the way I talk has been made fun of more often.

Marc said...

Ha! That's awesome!

I used to work in a coffee shop that carried several Tanzanian blends, and everybody (invariably) attempted to pronounce it "Tasmanian."

See, it's all about the syllable emphases: "tan-zuh-KNEE-an" versus "taz-MAY-knee-an"

I found my way here from the boundless blog (with which I also have a love-hate relationship). What are you doing in Tasmania?

(my blog isn't on blogger, so it won't save on my profile)