*tap, tap*


This thing on?

Uh, sorry. I'm probably the worst blogger who ever blogged. It has been approximately seven million years since I blogged. My excuse is pretty decent: long school days followed by mental exhaustion compounded by zero inspiration to write. But.

I just couldn't resist blogging about the most boring subject in history, something so boring it's actually code for boring -- the weather.

Last "spring" (ha) we didn't really have much of a spring. We had a soggy winter, followed by a few half-heartedly springlike days, followed immediately by 24-hour-a-day air conditioning weather. It was hideous. But apparently God has been smiling on Kentucky these last couple of months and, boy howdy, have we had some unbelievable weather. Cool, breezy nights, and warm, sunny days, punctuated by big beautiful thunderstorms and enough days of soaking rain to keep us all from taking those sunshiny mornings and long languid evenings for granted.

Because the nights have been staying so cool, the flowers have hung on the trees much longer than in years past, and for one glorious week we had gorgeous, lacy dogwoods AND daffodils AND irises AND tulips AND the first azaleas. Cheeky azaleas -- I just can't get enough of them. They're like the girl at your first school dance who wears a sparkly, low-cut dress and makes all the boys stare. Brazen, those hot-pink azaleas, I tell you!

Hooray! It's supposed to get down to 49 tonight! It's a marvel, this weather. I wish it'd go on forever.


Rebecca said...

i know exactly what you mean about azaleas. We have two really big azalea bushes in the front yard, as well as two dogwoods, and they're so gorgeous. I was glad they lasted longer than 3-4 days this time around. :)
Also, I planted some tomatoes, and I'm really excited.
And, I made this fabulously yummy recipe from growing up the other day, and it made me think of you. I don't have your email, or I would have sent it to you.
But yeah, it's a recipe for tofu meatballs, and I made spaghetti squash and put some meatballs on top, and poured spaghetti sauce all over top, and it was amazing. for reals.
anyway. :) that's all.

Beau-Dougitty said...

You're right. That was boring...:)

It's actually been really pleasant in Colorado. 70-75 degree days followed by 35-40 in the evening. I love having our windows WIDE OPEN when it's right around 40 degrees. Ahhhh....and we just got back from Hawaii where it doesn't matter what the weather is like because it's just so damn gorgeous, you could care less.

Laura said...

Rebecca. The title of y'alls blog is so cute. Love it.

I'm... uh... kinda jealous that you have a yard!