Kentucky Mountain Boys

Mammoth Boy

So we went to Mammoth Cave today. Em and I were there, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Who do you think was taking all these great shots of the boys? In the grand Tassie tradition (ahem. Or something) of Mountain Boys photo shoots, and because of the amazing natural beauty of Mammoth Cave National Park... I give you, Kentucky Mountain Boys.

Waterfall Boy

Naughty Stars and Stripes Forever!

Jesse James

Rugged Pioneer Explorers!

Yeah! It was a very good day. Coming up: more food pics, Sojourn, and evidence of Em's presence in America.


Cabernet Leather said...

Ha ha ha! That makes me so happy!
Can you upload these to the Mountain Boys facebook group?

Laura said...

I can give it a shot.

I've almost never laughed so hard in my life. Possibly best day ever?

Pablo said...

I wish they all could be Mountain Boys...

JK said...

haha Mountain Boys wkd

The Borg said...

Stars and Stripes Boy! So funny!