The story of my life involves one rather irritating theme, and it goes a little something like this:

1. I like something that might seem a bit odd.
2. I am too timid to like it openly, and nobody understands when I DO confess that I like it.
3. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE starts liking that same thing, and then I look like a joiner, a poser, a groupie.
4. That thing I liked loses its charm because it a) gets copied, b) gets dumbed-down because of its popularity, or c) becomes so ubiquitous that starts to be sickening, like eating too much sugar.

GEEKS. Three or four years ago, there weren't t-shirts in every teenybopper store that said "I Heart Geeks." There wasn't sitcom about socially awkward nerds befriending their hotcha neighbor. There wasn't a reality show pairing geeks and models. That skinny intellectual hipster look was only to be found in Williamsburg, NYC.



Phil said...

That's nothing. I was a nerd before they were cool. :-)

Laura said...

LOL. Me too. But GIRL nerds are not nearly as popular right now as guy nerds. Guy nerds are the new black.

Jacob said...

As one of the leaders of the revival in sweater vests and 3-piece suits, I thank you for your long-standing love and admiration. It's good to know we have admirers, even if they are secret.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Radagast said...

Well, #2 is your problem. :) Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

And if NOBODY understands when you confess that you like sonething, then you may be hanging out with the wrong people.*

You're a PIONEER! Celebrate that!

* or then again, you may just be a nutter, but I doubt it :)

John Dekker said...

I'm guessing Acts 29 is on your list as well, Laura. ;)

Some Dude said...

I sort of know where you are coming from. One reason that I started listening to jazz was that all the cool kids were listening to crappy pop music and I wanted to be different. As it turned out, I came to like jazz. Then the cool kids discovered big band and swing. I guess I'm all right with that. I still enjoy the music, regardless of its popularity.

Laura said...

Jacob -- I believe you and I are in the category of uber-nerd, since we are teaching a new generation of nerds.

Rad -- Har har. I DO hate looking like a joiner. I know I shouldn't care, but there it is.

JD -- YES! You're exactly right!!

Andrew -- Well, it's not that I like nerds, geeks, and dorks any LESS than I used to, but I sometimes just want to shout at people, "You ONLY like nerds because of 'Beauty and the Geek'!! Johnny-come-lately!"

Pablo said...

Never fear, Laura. It will soon pass, and then you can have the nerds all to yourself again.

Laura said...

From your lips to God's ears, Kate -- er, Pabs. Nerds all to myself! Heaven!