Um...Yeah... Totally Unrelated to Kitchen Keeping at All

So, the movie He's Just Not That Into You comes out February 6th in the U.S. Having read excerpts of the book and knowing the general premise (namely that a man who likes a woman goes after her, therefore if he doesn't go after her, he isn't interested in her), I'm predisposed to like it already.

Potential pros of this movie:
good plot premise
Justin Long
Ginnifer Goodwin
seriously, Ben Affleck is in this movie? Where the crap has he been the last five years?

Potential cons of this movie:
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore is a terrible actress
She also is awkward
She's also not very bright-seeming
Also Drew Barrymore.

But anyway...

This video definitely increased the probability that I will drop ten bucks to go see HJNTIY. It's about six minutes long, and it's called "10 Chick-Flick Cliches You Won't Find in He's Just Not That Into You."* It stars three of the male leads, who act out the ten chick-flick cliches, complete with soaring violins and green-screen backgrounds. Classic!

*Caution: N particularly SFW as it contains one bleeped but still recognizable off-color remark.


ckjolly said...

oh my gosh! NO ... when i click on the link ... you know what it says?!! Video not available IN YOUR COUNTRY!

like that ... it shouted at me ... and then stuck out its tongue

Cabernet Leather said...

I would probably put Ben Affleck in the "cons" list. Rubbish actor.

Lara said...

Ditto! Not happy!

Laura said...

Stine and Lara -- try the official movie website, I think it has an iTunes link for that video. Maybe? Fingers crossed!

Der -- Well, yes, he is a terrible actor, but I think just the shock of seeing him on a movie screen would add to the oeuvre. ;)

Jess said...

OK, um, I don't know how I didn't know until now that you have a blog (duh!)... but your description of the cons, mostly circling around Drew Barrymore, is enough to make me both (a) cackle, and (b) subscribe to your rss feed.

So glad to be more in touch with you-- you always leave such insightful comments and helpful biblical analysis. Love it!

Laura said...

Thanks for the comment Jess. I've been so blessed to discover your blog (thanks to my friend Christine) and it's great to be bloggy-friends with you!! :)

Hope you enjoy what's coming up.

fional said...

I only just found out from people whose judgment I trust (Kate and Mikey) that Nicole Kidman is a bad actor. I thought she was great. So I no longer trust my judgment. But still, I *really liked* Drew B in Riding In Cars With Boys. I wasn't expecting to, but it happened.