I saw a funny YouTube video by a Christian comedian about people who are "oversaved" -- folks you can't even have a normal conversation with without them spouting some pious-sounding platitude. (Example from the video: "It's hot out here, man. You thirsty?" "Yeah, thirsty for the LORD!!")

It got me thinking of a Jeff Foxworthy-esque "You might be oversaved..." kind of thing, which reminded me of Purgatorio's old "Help! I'm Going Hyper!" post, which was totally priceless and which STILL makes me laugh after nearly three years. Probably more now than when I first read it, since I now get all the references that I missed when I first read it as a Seminary virgin and raging Arminian. Sample:

23. You’re looking under your big kid’s bed and find

and you are way more upset then the time you found

If you've never seen it... well, what's the matter with you?


Radagast said...

Oh yes. A classic.

Pryderi said...

Have you got a link to the You Tube vid? It sounds funny.

Laura said...

Radagast -- I KNOW. It's the best.

Pryderi -- linking it now.