So... unrelated to poetry, unless you count word economy, cleverness, and snark as poetry, is this: six-word reviews of all 763 South by Southwest bands. A few examples:

Citay: Open wide for this, NPR listener!

El Jesus De Magico: I have just become an agnostic.

Freshkills: They took on songwriting... and lost.

Iota: Grrrg glb alg grrnk fffbf jfffddd.

Lindsay Jane: Let's go cry in my dorm.



Jacob said...

I'd love to see this done for some CCM bands.

Laura said...

I don't even need six words for CCM bands:

Derivative, possibly heretical. Blech.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

My favorite so far, regarding Catherine MacLellan - "She’s tragically imprisoned behind twelve bars."