A Little (very little) Theology Nerd Humor

I linked to this increasingly funny Pyromaniacs thread from Craig's blog (hm, do I get anything on my own or just from Craig?) and laughed until I was ashamed of my Theology Nerdiness. A few of you will take pride in not getting these (looking at you, Rochester), but Christine and a couple others might enjoy my contributions to "Book Titles for Which I'm Still Waiting" (and a few belonging to other folks that I just couldn't resist including):


Dr. StrangeTongues: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Glossolalia by John MacArthur

All Things Properly and In Order by Paul and Jan Crouch

The Christ of Scripture: The Christ of History by John Dominic Crossan

Good Morning, Disembodied Entity Who Claims To Be the Holy Spirit! by Benny Hinn

I Thank God That I Speak In Tongues More than All of You by John MacArthur

The Left Foot of Disfellowship: Why Anyone Who Isn't Like Me Is Dangerous (and Probably Unregenerate, Too) by the Southern Baptist Convention

Unwashed Savages: Talking Down to the Global South (Because We're Smarter Than They Are) by Katharine Jefferts Schori and Rowan Williams

White Man's Burden: Talking Down to the Global South, Again (Because We're More Enlightened Than They Are) by Katharine Jefferts Schori and Rowan Williams

No Other Name: Why Christianity and Islam are Fundamentally Incompatible by Rev. Ann Holmes Redding

We Really DO Worship Mary by Pope Benedict XVI

Hell? YES! by Clark Pinnock

By some other clever folks:

Go Away, Holy Spirit! by Benny Hinn

The Vow of Jephthah: How to Unlock God's Blessing with Familial Sacrifice by Bruce Wilkinson

I Dream of Denim Dresses Contemporary Essays by Homeschool Moms

Amilleniallism - The real message of Revelation by Tim Lahaye

Dead in Sin - Lectures on Depravity by Robert Schueller

Modesty, Humility, and Submission--Modeling Christ For Today's Woman by Juanita Bynum and Joyce Meyers

Scriptural Arguments for Intentionally Small Congregations
by Joel Osteen

The Centrality of the Gospel by Joel Osteen

Jonathan Edwards: an 'Okay' Theologian, I Guess, If You Like That Sort of Thing by John Piper

Systematic, Exegetical Theology by Joyce Meyers

The Feminine Divine in Ancient Mediterranean Culture by Mark Driscoll

If He Wants Them, He Can Get Them by William Carey and Hudson Taylor

101 Snappy Topical Sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Suffering Well - the normal Christian life by Joel Osteen

The Church, 'Israel of God' by John Hagee

Books I Have Never Read by Al Mohler

The Warmth and Fuzziness of God - R C Sproul

6 Days, 40 Billion Years....Who Cares! by Hugh Ross and Ken Ham

OK People in the Hands of An Understanding God - Jonathan Edwards

Man of Miracles, Son of God, and Risen Lord: The Good News of Jesus Christ by Bishop John Shelby Spong


Jonny said...

OK, I don't get it. What are all those words about and who are those people?

"Staying pure: 13 to 33" by Jonathan Rochester

"How to upload pictures and edit your blog" by Laura Roberts.

ckjolly said...

oooo ... harsh, Jonny!

(psst ... Laura ... um ... what did i ever do to you that you would "out" me in such a fashion. what's with the naming and shaming! Great! Now when I go to the girly Kitchen Tea this evening with the other chicks from Crossroads, none of them will talk to me. "Hmph, I hear she only reads theology books. She's probably never even HEARD of Anne of Green Gables!"

Dave said...

wow laura, some of those are so far over my head i can't even see the bottom of them.

p.s. do you have all the pictures from the europe trip? i seem to be missing most of mine. in fact all but about 24 of them. if you do, you could put them on a memory card and bring them home with you when you come back to visit us all sometime soon. (hint--hint--hint)

p.p.s. it seems my p.s. is longer than my s. silly me.

p.p.p.s. you are currently missing logan county's great cultural event- i.e. the Logan County Fair and Rodeo. demolition derby is sunday... i know you are seriously considering that 18 hour drive so you can go, it's the highlight of the year, you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I get it. It's sarcasm.

I particularly like the RC Sproul title.

-Laura Beth