The protest at Mark Driscoll's church, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been canceled. Good news for the families of Mars Hill, but I almost wish it had gone off as planned... But I guess it was childish of me to want to see pictures of protesters waving signs, spittle a-flying, in front of a building where people were worshiping -- it would have been fun to bask in the irony.

Still, please check out Driscoll's blog for his godly and gracious reactions.


Bobby said...

I knew when I first read his comments that people would take it wrong and there would be trouble. We are a seriously thin-skinned society. Which, in the end, says that we are an extremely prideful society.

Bobby G. said...

The people have spoken: more updates.

Lorie said...

I liked what he had to say.

And I'd like to hear what YOU have to say...WHERE ARE YOU? You really must post more on your blog when you're not in town, you know?

Hope you're having a wonderful break.

GloryandGrace said...

Wise response from Driscoll on this issue, and thanks for taking the time to make mention of it on your blog.

I've visited your blog a couple of times, each time remembering that I have yet to meet you on campus...

Grace nad peace~