Nearing the end of Cultivate Beauty Month - Random thoughts in haiku form

clean, clean apartment
at least the bookshelf is clean
books lined up neatly

the Doppler effect
goose honks change pitch past window
high, lower, lower

dust on the keyboard
is it really true that it's
made up of my skin?

I have in my drawer
one-hundred and forty-three
real Hong Kong dollars

in case you wondered,
that much amounts to not quite
twenty of our own

can I help it if
on a prom-queen May evening
I cannot study?

can't write a haiku
about Mere Christiani-
ty, for I'll run out

looking at bookshelves
I guess I once loved pulp, dime-
store, sad, trite novels

I'm very thirsty
I guess that means this is the
penultimate one

dearest friends, near, far --
patient, indulgent of my
poetic whims -- thanks.


Laura's mom said...

Reading all you write
Makes me wonder if you will
Write my epitaph.

Dang, my dear Laura
but all you write is funny.
I have no such skills.

You will be home soon.
My own cleaning must begin.
Tears fall freely now.

Christa said...

Just wanted to give a shout out to you. "Hi!". Hope your day is blessed.

Clear, blue, high
The sky I reach
So close, yet distant.

Annaleigh said...

Nice. Deep. **snapping finger**

8 school days 'till I'm done for the summer! It's a wonderful feeling.

Laura's Dad said...

It is so super
To me how erudite you
Are. I am not so.

Laura, you are the
Best daughter in the whole world.
Believe me. I know.

I am now in south-
ern California. There are
Zillions of cars here.

Laura said...

How come my family writes me haikus back but nobody else!?? Annaleigh, I know you can write haikus. Christa, interesting use of syllables. 3,4,5. Hm... I like it.

And where's Allison?

Jonna, I know you've written a haiku or two in your day. Come on now.

And Gilles. I'm crushed.

Annaleigh said...

Life is a mess,
or at least right now it seems so,
but y'all help me out.

Laura, thanks for this
group, you don't know how it helps
me out, thank you all.

Well now I need to stop
procrastinating and go
do chemistry now.

Lorie said...

it's not a strict rule
that haikus must be so stiff
three four five is fine

The important thing
is that you distill to pure
the essence, your thought

Lorie said...

Words, words, numbers too
People to call, things to do
Sticky notes on my board

Bobby said...

Blowing in the wind,
the tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall
tall, tall, tall, grass.

Bobby said...

While it is not a strict rule, it is a norm and a standard. Best to stick to it until one has mastered the form, and then begin experimentation.

I have some haikus coming out in Salt, Matt Kaufman's new literary journal. Not sure when it will be available.

Lorie said...

I thought of this one last night before I went to bed:

Lip marks on paper
The mirror says I'm ready
Now will you love me?

Laura said...

Mmmm... I love the word "distill."

I like it better in my mind, though, than when I say it. Have you ever noticed that some words just feel good in your mouth?

Allison said...

haha.... like.. "chocolate cake"

anyways, I dont really know the pattern of haikus...

I guess I will try
I dont really know how to do
this thing that is wack

Ill shoot if I can
Ill probably miss it though
Is this right Laura?

My face hurts of burn
burn of the bright sun that is
my skin is peeling

peeling like oranges
or grapefruit and other fruits
this is the end, see.

Laura said...

Allison, you have a knack for these.

More Haikus!

Dave... derp de der said...

Laura: i know you'll get this one...

so cool a weblog
i thought you would enjoy it
ding dong Dear Laura,


It's like we're looking
down on Wayne's basement, only...
That's not Wayne's basement

"Garth, that was a haiku!"

Allison said...

you should go check out My myspace... its rad.... yes.... i said rad.