Recent Pictures -- Something Else To Keep You Occupied

This post serves 3 purposes, which I will outline as follows:

1. To placate Lindsay, who thinks my challenge has been forgotten, and that the kids she nannies are cuter than the kids I nanny (in your face, Lindsay)!
2. To gripe about the general suckiness of the pictures I took at the Nickel Creek concert. Stupid long exposure required to take pictures in the dark but with bright lights on stage grr grr grr... Not even one decent shot all night.
3. To have something to post since I may finally have real time to sit down and write something meaningful sometime around mid-December.

So here. First a couple of shots of Will playing air hockey, and then some fuzzy blobs on a stage that bear some resemblance to Nickel Creek.

Now, who can tell that those people are really Nickel Creek? I mean, if you didn't already know, would you say, "Oh sure, that's Sara Watkins on the left fiddling her little heart out, and the band's Incredible Virtuoso Amazing Clogging Bassist, and Chris Thile in the middle wailin' on the mandolin, and Sean Watkins on the right, virtually obscured by that guy's huge head but still recognizable"? Would this count in a court of law as an alibi?


Bobby said...

I'd know that band anywhere!!!

Laura said...

Me too.
Still wish I had a good picture though.

Allison said...

I wish i could go to a concert! I love them..... the musical quality is so above anything else... its incredible! the layering, and the depth...

Laura said...

Allison, have you checked their tour schedule? You should really try to go if they're near you anytime soon.

Allison said...

no i havent, but even if they did, I cant afford it... althuogh im babysitting alot in the next couple of weeks, so maybe i can get enough money.

Lindsay said...


i thought you had run away with your tail tucked between your legs;)

sorry it took me so long to notice...i was without internet access for four days! yikes!