Praying for Muslims!

Approximately 1.3 billion Muslims live in every region and most countries of the world. While the Middle East is the birthplace of Islam and an important center of Islamic influence, the largest Muslim populations are found in Central, South and Southeast Asia. There are an estimated 5 million Muslims in the United States. Muslims bear witness that God is one and that Muhammad is His final prophet. They consider Jesus as one of God'’s greatest prophets, but they do not accept Him as divine or as man's Redeemer and Lord. Muslims do not understand or accept God's ultimate expression of His love shown in Christ'’s life, death and resurrection. They focus on God's holiness, justice and power. They strive to earn His favor and entry into heaven through obedience to Islamic law, good deeds and acts of self-sacrificing devotion. Muslims live within a protective wall of laws, traditions and relationships that separates them from God's love. Your prayers take His love beyond the wall.

A Muslim man stopped by a small Central Asian church a couple of weeks ago. A believer at the church began to share the gospel with the man, but he quickly admitted, "“Honestly, I'm just looking for a job." The believer responded, "We don't have any work, but I can pray for you."” Then with the man's permission, the believer prayed. The man came back to the church on Wednesday after finding a job and asked the believers to pray for a wife! Pray for this man, who has experienced God's power and love at work in His life, to find not just a wife, but a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Like many Central Asians, most Azeris are Muslim, but are not deeply committed to their religion. However, a growing number of young people are seeking spiritual truth. Many believers say that before coming to Jesus, they passed through a time when they sought a relationship with God through Islam. Pray that when Azeri young people who are trying to find God realize that He cannot be found in Islam, they will continue to feel the God-given hunger for salvation. Ask God to reveal Himself to them and show them through His Word and His witnesses that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

She was recently evicted from her home by her own brother-in-law when he sold his dead brother's apartment. Now this poor widow lives in the bottom of a building in what used to be a garage. Believing friends have helped her plant a garden just outside her door to provide her with fresh vegetables. In her new season of life, this widow is very open to spiritual things and has requested a copy of the JESUS video. Pray for her to seek and find the Lord.

For the full article, and for more on praying for Muslims and other groups around the world, check out the Southern Baptist Convention's international missions website at www.imb.org! It's also a great resource for anyone interested in a career in international missions!


Russ said...


Great article! One thing that we (especially me) forget so often in this life is the absolute furious power of radical prayer.

Radical prayer is not only necessary; it is our very spiritual breath. We must pray or sufficate. Radical prayer yields radical fruit and radical measures.

Off on another tangent. The needs are SO great. I appreciate your passion to reach the unreached and LIVE life on the edge.

Russ said...

How in the HECK do I get my links back up?? I have been messing with this thing for about 45 minutes now, and I accidentally deleted my links... !!! DOH!

Laura said...

Russ, thanks so much. Isn't that the trouble -- really living? I find myself living inside my head (imagining conversations and scenarios), or living in the future (someday when I'm married, God willing), or living in the past (wasn't that trip to Europe fun?) instead of living right now, being where God put me and doing what He wants me to do! Silly. Human. Gotta crucify it more every day.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Pastor John said...

Remember David McDonnall!
He died showing Jesus to the Iraqi people.

MAD Campers, David committed his life to mission work during a time of prayer at MAD Camp! Hundreds of former Muslims will see Jesus (and David) in heaven because of David's commitment to pray for them and go to them.

Who will see Jesus in heaven because of your commitment?

Pastor John <><

Annaleigh said...

Wow, you have no idea how relavent (sp?) this artical is to me right now. I just got to college a few days ago and there have been a good amount of activities for people to do. One was to go see a comedian. He's a muslum and most of what he said was pretty funny because he's trying to stop racial steriotypes and the fear people have from seeing middle eastern people. But when he started to talk about his faith, through jokes, I got a feeling that it wasn't right. I guess what I'm asking is if you could pray for him too because he has a good message about not giving into steriotypical traps, but it's muddled with the other things.

Oh and do any of y'all know a good church I could go to up here at CSU that's close to the campus? God Bless.