Day One of the Rest of Your Prayer Life

Well, campers, you've been home for a little while now, and it's time to start living what you've learned. So, with the help of my family, I'll be keeping this blog up to date, posting an article about prayer, or some info about prayer needs for missions. Then you all can post comments with updates about your life along with specific prayer requests for yourself and your friends and family. It will be a great way to keep each other accountable about staying in the Word, sharing our faith, and living a lifestyle of prayer.

There is one catch, however...

Anyone who posts a comment or a prayer request has to promise two things: first, that they have already read or will read their Bible that day, and second, that they will pray for the other people mentioned on the blog.

Isn't technology grand?

The first post will follow very soon!


Pastor John said...

Hey, everybody,

Hope you are receiving this and will start posting on the MAD Prayer Blog.

Let's encourage each other to keep the commitments we made at camp this week! Remember the reason you came to camp: to go home on fire!

Pastor John <><

Jeremiah said...

I agree %100. I found it best if you devote yourself to God's word first thing in the morning. Of course you can take a shower, but wake up a lil earlier than normal to start your day off the right way. It helps so much!

Pastor John said...

Miah, man, I'm sure glad it's okay with you if I take a shower in the morning! :-)

You're right -- morning is the best time to be in the Word! It sets the tone for the day.

Everybody, did YOU read your Bible this morning? If you don't know where to read, use one of the links over to the right to connect to a daily Bible reading schedule. Here are a couple more:
1. to read through the Bible in a year --
2. lots of ways to read the Bible --

BTW, Miah, did you REALLY post your comment at 2:29 A.M., like it says? Wow!

Allison said...

haha.... if you did.... RIGHT ON!!! Im definitely a night owl, and then I sleep til like noon-ish. Ill have to say goodbye to that when school starts. I actually like to think of my "quiet" time as this... I want God to be my first and last focus of the day.... so... I do it in the morning and before I go to bed.... (even if thats at 3am) Ive noticed that when I forget to in the morning, then Im grumpy and impatient.... and if I forget to at night, then I dont sleep well at all. Its all about neing HUNGRY for God's word, and if you feel like its a chore, then pray (in faith) that God gives you a desire to dig deeper into his word. It works..... I know b/c Ive been there many times where I felt like I was too busy or occupied to read, and I would stop everything, and pray for the desire. God is steadfast...persistent..umm... unchangable..constant.. And he can give you that desire a million times over, and not have to think twice about it, b/c the truth is, he wants us to 1)read his word and 2)rely solely on him.

If youre struggling finding what to read a program is a good thing... another suggestion would be to read Acts.... its cool, veyr neat stuff... its all about history makers... men doing the works of God in his name. Its very inspiring.

Read it... love it.. live it. thats what I say.

Dan Carr said...

Hey everybody! I agree with all of you about the morning thing. I would also like to pass on an idea: Go to church more than once a week. AHHH! SCARRRRY!
Oh comeon, guys, I know it sounds crazy but just think about why it does. hmmmm multiple choice -because
a) the devil told me that I'm not that "religious"
b)I don't have time (haha)
c)My church sucks
d)I can't find a church

If you have a sincere passion to go to church in the middle of the week, GOD WILL PROVIDE time, location, etc....
Even if you end up meeting in your friends living room, it will be worth it.
Still not convinced? Just think about camp- Worship and the Word TWICE A DAY? Twice a week should be no sweat.
The whole concept of twice a week used to scare the...outta me until after camp this year. I urge you to pray to ask God to help you find church twice a week in addition to your home devotions. There is a reason we go to church instead of relying entirely on home devotion. well thats all
thanks and Godbless

Dan over and out

Annaleigh said...

Hay peeps,
This is an awesome way to stay in touch with everyone and to keep us all accountable.(ahh, scary I know)I must admit that I am the opposite of y'all. I read my bible at night. I know there might be objections to that, but it really calms my mind and spirit before I go to bed at night. I have a feeling that I'm really going to need that in college. I just ask that y'all keep myself and my friends in your prayers for a while as we go through a pretty tough time. Some of y'all know what it is and some of you don't. If you really feel the need to know, email me. I'm praying for y'all. Love ya and God Bless!

Jonna said...

Hey all... I began reading through the Bible in a Year using the One Year Bible plan. One of the guys that used to attend the church I go to has a blog in which he posts commentaries, thoughts and readings for a 10 day period. I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Some days I miss reading the passages, but always make them up on the following days. I have found that I long to read the Word daily. Annaleigh, I'm with you. I like to read the Word at night before I go to bed. It calms me and I get to run my activities of the day through the grid of scripture. It also encourages me about the things I have to face the next day.

Pray for me. I start back to teaching soon. We have a new principal and administration, new teachers in the school and in my department, just all sorts of newness. Pray that God gives me what I need to daily to be the best teacher I can be.

Love you all...


Allison said...

Of course.. Im sure you are an amazing teacher! Gods got yo' back!

When do ya'll start school? I start next wed.


Dan Carr said...

hey I got another idea. I've been trying to remember to read my bible daily, and I'm finding it very difficult. (I am a very, very easily distracted person) Routines don't work for me, they never have. Anybody with the same problem should consider this: God has laid it upon my heart to use most of my devotion time to memorize scripture. Even on days when I feel distant and distracted, I have found myself subconsciously repeating the words in my head and that is a really good feeling. If you always have the Word of God with you, satan will have a hard time catching you off guard. Try one or two verses a day, and on Sunday just review over the week. Well , Godbless


Daniel Carr said...

Hey we need to spread the word and get more on here!

Dan Carr said...

and here too!

Allison said...

everyone read hebrews 12:2... packed with some good stuff!

Jonna said...


I go back on August 15th and see "my kids" on August 22nd. Thanks for your prayers.

I know a few people that I will carry the message to here in Denver.